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The Job Search Diagnostic™ (Patent Pending) is the first-of-its-kind online resource that will systematically and comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of your search - and provide you a personalized 9 page report with specific advice about how to land faster.

Every job search is unique. If you're a professional in a search, and dissatisfied with your progress, you need to understand what's working - what's not - and how to get better results.

Are you stuck? You're an accomplished professional, but when it comes to your job search, do you feel like you're spinning your wheels?

The job market remains weak, and there's fierce competition for your next job. You can't control how competitive the market is, but you can gain a dramatic advantage by conducting a smarter search.

Job search is a process, and it needs discipline and direction. If you haven't been through a search in this market, it's likely, "you don't know what you don't know". Our patent-pending Diagnostic guides you through everything that's involved in a highly effective search, identifying the gaps you need to close to be more competitive and land faster.

The Key to a Smarter Search

Conducting a job search, especially while unemployed, can be difficult, frustrating, even overwhelming. It doesn't need to be. The key is working smarter, not harder. How? By first understanding everything that's affecting your search, and then, where to focus your efforts.

The Job Search Diagnostic™ is built on a comprehensive, proprietary framework of the 3 Principles & 22 Factors that determine success - and based on your unique situation and search history, will identify the areas that will bring you the most improvement.

Peter Dubner & Paul Stuhlman,
Co-Developers of the Job Search Diagnostic™
bring a combined 35 years experience
helping over 4,000 professionals and executives
land new jobs.

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The 3 Principles & 22 Factors that Determine Success

After working many years helping thousands of professionals and executives in transition, we've developed a proprietary job search framework - organized around the 3 Principles that determine success:

  • 1.0 Market Realities - Capitalizing on your Best Fit in the Job Market
  • 2.0 Search Execution - Developing Effective Search Strategies and Tactics
  • 3.0 Inner Game - Strengthening your Mental and Emotional Job Search Fitness

These 3 Principles are further comprised of 22 Factors, each representing an important element of job search success. Learn more about the 22 Factors.